Friday, February 1, 2013

Rock Song About Mammoth Lakes

The first song on my album Breach (2013) is "I Don't Want To Think About Her Anymore". The lyrics are based on an experience I had in Mammoth Lakes, California many moons ago when I was a climbing bum. The song can be streamed here or on Spotify:

Here are the lyrics:

I met her in the mountain town of Mammoth Lakes.
She had a smile that could make the earth quake.
Always surrounded by a half a dozen guys
with eyes fixed firmly on the prize.

Lucky me I became the chosen one,
for a few weeks at least in the sun.
In my mind she was wearing a tiara
and I was the king of the Sierra.

I don’t want to think about her anymore. (2x)

She could lead 5.9 follow 5.11.
Belaying her I was in heaven.
But then I slipped and took my fall from grace,
introduced her to the mountain ace.

She and I were heading out to the hot springs.
Saw him on the street and said, “Hey, get your things.”
One look at her he was immediately smitten.
Alarm bells rang when she purred like a kitten.

I don’t want to think about her anymore. (2x)

Meanwhile, back at the hot springs,
skinny-dipping we could see everything.
That really didn’t work out well in my favor,
because they were both players.

Game over for the tall, skinny, white guy.
I should have known when I saw the look in his eye.
They never thanked their match-making fairy,
even though they got married.

I don’t want to think about her anymore. (3x)

Game over

©℗ 2013 Sam Page

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