Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Santiago Peak, Telephone Pole Ridge again

Here's a quick photo dump from our April 15 climb of Santiago Peak via the unmaintained Telephone Pole Ridge (or whatever it's called).  For more details about the route, go here.  One note is that we were able to find the elusive Upper Joplin Trail on the descent -- it's a more or less direct route from Santiago Peak to the Lower Joplin Trail.

 After hiking uphill for an hour or so, it's still a long way away.

Miguel and Brian enjoying a clear stretch on the ridge.

Brian on some of the class 1+ terrain that plagued Miguel -- ok, not really.

Miguel savoring yet another batch of bushwacking. 

 Ahhh, out of the brush and onto the road just below the top.  

 The San Gabriels were looking pretty good.  

A rare sight in the Santa Anas.

Brian, Miguel, and me on top, with the San Gabriels in the background. 

Though I usually see a wrecked vehicle on every Santa Ana hike, this one surprised me because it was on a narrow stretch of the Upper Joplin Trail.