Monday, October 24, 2011

Sitton Peak

After a four-month hiatus from the mountains, due primarily to a re-injured lower back, I hiked up Sitton Peak on Saturday.  At 3273 feet, Sitton Peak is the highest point in the southern Santa Ana mountain range.  It took Patrick Moran and I about 5 hours to complete the hike, which involved 10 miles and 2000+ feet of elevation gain.  Aside from prematurely ascending a spur trail to a false summit, the hike was uneventful.

 Hiking toward Sitton Peak, which I think is obscured by the ridge on the left.

 Patrick happy to be on a hike with me that doesn't involve hours of off-trail bushwhacking.

 Sitton Peak viewed from the peak that we thought was Sitton Peak. 

Red Bull really does give you wings. 

 Looking west from Sitton Peak.

 In case you can't see him, the arrow is pointing to Patrick.

 Does anyone know anything about the spire of rock in the center of the picture?  It is south of Sitton Peak.
Santiago Peak in the distance.