Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hail and Live Music on Mt. Baldy

Mt. Baldy is often underestimated, which is why I didn't bring my rain jacket on the Baldy Village Trail today. The hike went smoothly and we were having a happy little picnic on the summit. But then, with little warning, we were utterly bombarded by a rather shocking hail storm that lasted for a solid thirty minutes. The pellets were small, but they were coming down hard and stung the tops of my ears.

At Baldy/Harwood saddle, I sought shelter from the icy onslaught under a stunted pine tree. As the hail hit the branches, it melted, showering me with drips. Within minutes, I was completely soaked down to my underwear and cold. Though the hail hadn't stopped, I needed to get moving again.

I hiked as fast as I could down the Devil's Backbone Trail and was very relieved to reach the notch, where the Bighorn Music Festival was happening. Walking into the restaurant, I found my friends from the The Fallen Stars, who were about to go on. I was thoroughly drenched and feeling somewhat shell-shocked by the hail storm, but stuck around to watch them perform a great set of Americana tunes.     

'Twas another memorable day on Mt. Baldy.

The always photogenic Norma Ryan on the Baldy Village Trail.

Good times on the summit moments before the hail storm

My shelter from the hail storm, which served to completely soak me. 

Looking back at the summit during a break from the hail 

The Fallen Stars rocking the Bighorn Music Festival

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