Friday, April 19, 2013

Dobbs Loop

It took Dave Gillanders and me about 10 hours to do a (new?) loop on Dobbs Peak (~10,500 feet) near Mt. San Gorgonio. Stepping off the trail at Vivian Creek Camp, we ascended the West Ridge of Dobbs (which is also called Dobbs Ridge) to the summit. The entire ridge route was marked (read: littered) with squares of pink duct tape. The ascent involved 4500 feet of elevation gain. We then descended the South Ridge of Dobbs to the vicinity of High Creek Camp. There were no signs of prior travel on the class 2 South Ridge.

Dobbs Loop. Dobbs Peak is the upper right corner of the loop. 

 Dave crossing Mill Creek in the morning.

 Dave heading up the West Ridge with Yucaipa Ridge in the background. 

Looking up the West Ridge. It's easy off-trail terrain.

Yucaipa Ridge with Mt. San Jacinto in the background. 

Dave on the broad sandy summit ridge. Dobbs Peak is at the end of the ridge. 

About to descend the South Ridge.

Dave descending an easier stretch of the South Ridge.


Anonymous said...

Just a couple points:

1. Dobbs is not the upper right hand point, it's the upper left. The upper right is Little Dobbs (10,520'+). Dobbs (10,459') is on the far western end of the ridge. (note: Little Dobbs is sometimes referred to as East Dobbs).

2. The "new" route/ridge you mention is climbed quite a bit, at least among fairly serious peakbaggers. I know I've done it, and there are a couple GPS tracks on as well.

Otherwise, fantastic trip/report.

Sam Page said...

Thanks for your clarifications, Anonymous. And Little Dobbs is higher than Dobbs? Bizarre!