Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Fresh Snow in SoCal

More snow fell on the mountains of southern California this weekend, which bodes well for spring snow climbing.  I took a short walk in south Orange County this morning to assess the snowfall.  Here is what I found:

Santiago Peak. The summit communication towers were plastered in rime ice.

Mt. Baldy

The San Gabriel Mountains with Mt. Baldy at far right.

Wild Cucumber growing on Laurel Sumac (according to wifey PhD). Mt. Baldy in background.

The parasitic "dotter" plant. I prefer some of the folk names, which include Witch's Hair, Devil's Hair, and (my favorite) Devil's Gut. As Eddie Vedder sang, "Don't call me dotter . . . ."


S Kay Murphy said...

Sam, it was 9 degrees at my cabin on Saturday--by far the coldest night since I've lived there. My pipes froze. That hasn't happened before. More snow on its way for next week. Oh the spring we will have!!

Sam Page said...

Brrrr! More snow? Ok, I'll take it.