Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Dr. Frederick Albert Cook Award for Best Mountaineering Blog

Today, on this last day of 2009, it is with great enthusiasm and reverence that The Mountaineering Review hereby inaugurates a momentous year-end award.  The purpose of the award is to recognize the best mountaineering blog of the previous year.  We at The Mountaineering Review  felt it important to name the award after someone whose integrity and accomplishments exemplify the award's significance.  Accordingly, we have chosen to name the award the Dr. Frederick Albert Cook Award for Best Mountaineering Blog.

Dr. Cook's infamous 1906 photo of Mt. McKinley's summit

Since The Mountaineering Review is itself a mountaineering blog, there has been some understandable concern regarding procedural impartiality.  To address these concerns, we have decided to publish the multi-step process which was followed to pick this year's winner.  The reader will notice that if these steps are followed, there is simply no room for subjective bias.  Here are the steps:

(1) Recall to mind some mountaineering blogs.
(2) Discuss those mountaineering blogs.
(3) Give the award to The Mountaineering Review.

As you can see, if the three steps above are followed, there is no way that the arbitrary whims of judges can affect the outcome.  It is a purely objective process of which Dr. Frederick Albert Cook would surely approve.

So, without further hesitation, it is a great privilege to announce this year's winner of the Dr. Frederick Albert Cook Award for Best Mountaineering Blog.  The winner is . . . The Mountaineering Review!!!


S Kay Murphy said...

Bravo!! Couldn't have gone to a more deserving mountaineering blog! (At least, according to the rules....) Hope the award heightens the already lofty prestige of this blog and brings it into a more international focus! Best wishes in 2010!

Sam Page said...

Thanks Kay!